Name:  Mandy Monroe

D.O.B:  May 19, 1988

Nationality:  Russian/Chinese

Height: 5’1”

Body Type: Curvy




  Ears, tongue, navel

  Chinese symbol for Dragon on back of neck, 4 tribal zodiac signs inside left forearm, tribal sun and Russian writing inside right forearm, Marilyn Monroe quote “A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe & leaves before she is left” inside right upper arm, Grandmothers Russian writing inside left upper arm, barbed-wire around left thigh, Pegasus right side rib cage, tiger (stripes) left shoulder blade, tribal cherries near right hip bone, a star on my lower right side of my back above my bum, and a tribal song bird symbol on my left forearm.

Mandy was born on May 19th, 1988, in Toronto, Ontario to a Russian/Romanian/Jewish mother, and a Chinese/Japanese/Native father.  She was an individual since the day she was born, and was more like a little adult than a child. Mandy’s mother tried to put her into acting/modeling schools, but believe it or not, she was just too shy! She also attempted to put Mandy in art school because she started drawing at the age of 2 and her talents were beyond a normal child’s artistic strengths!

Having such an exotic look, Mandy always got attention wherever she went, and she loved it. Around the age of 4 is when she started talking about being in magazines and on tv when she grew up. During school years she also wanted to be a veterinarian because of her extreme love for animals.

In school, Mandy was a straight A student, and absolutely loved learning. She was also what you could call a “beautiful bully.” She had her moments, but had protected quite a few people from real bullies, she’s always been the protective type. If anyone from elementary or junior high school were asked what they remembered her for, it would probably be her crazy laugh, and her out of this world shoes, you couldn’t miss her.

When Mandy was 16, she applied online to Model Search Canada, and they loved her! She was instantly chosen for a bridal magazine editorial, and about a year later she landed her first magazine spread in a Spanish magazine called Opinion. After that, Mandy built her own empire, using MySpace and then Facebook as her tools.  At the age of 18, Mandy took a much needed hiatus, and was back on the scene by 22. She started doing car shows like Importfest, and Performance World, and motorcycle shows like The International Super Show, National Motorcycle Show, World of Motorcycles, and The Spring Motorcycle Show. She also started doing countless online magazine features, and music videos.  In 2010, she was chosen to be a part of the Playboy Golf Tournament in Toronto. In 2012 Mandy landed 2 major magazine features, in April, she landed a 4 page spread in Urban Ink Magazine, and landed the cover of The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine in October, as well as 2 major calendars in 2013 that include Auto Body Hotties and Asian Mystique which are sold worldwide in all Calendar Club stores.